To Wherever the Wanderings of My Eyes May Lead

In my life I must say that books in general must spark an interest for me to keep putting it on replay. I can hear as many recommendations as the next person, but if you don’t make the cut, sorry honey BUT there must be a specific reason. (yes I am a high believer that fate exist and sometimes you cannot run for it…THANK YOU myth stories you really make me question things.) I know what I like and I usually think I know what won’t disappoint me (hah sadly I do get bamboozled)…however, with this blog I’m putting on the black streaks of paint on my face, wrapping my ninja bandana across my forehead, lacing up shoes and getting ready to dive into a pool of new discoveries.

The journey will be long and perhaps I’ll be angry, happy, and nervous and maybe I’ll become this ball filled with every other emotion to which my whole being will feel like a rocket setting itself for lift off. So what is causing my eyes to wander off to today you ask? Well it is a book…a book detailing a delicate story by Brian James called Life is But a dream.

Seeing this title I instantly replayed that song “row, row, your boat gently down the stream…” you should know the rest and if not…google it, the internet is your friend if you let it do your bidding :) also what’s funny about this book is I tried to look for this book at Chapters and I could not remember the name for the life of me, then my buddy who works there tried to help but I was pretty vague “It’s the book with the girl with red hair…something dream?” I said.

She gave a dubious look while saying “oookayy?” and that’s when I knew…I had become one of those clients, those who when they come to a bookstore and are looking for a book and say “I don’t know the author or the title, but the book was green” or “It has the word love in it and it’s set in the past” Yes it’s one of my biggest fears and I swore I would never go there…but I did and my ex-Chapters-employee-self cringed and fell off a tower for my impudence.

Mind you that it did come back to me when I absentmindedly started to hum it. This brought me back to the good old days where that song was hummed to me and I guarantee I got myself some happy dreams because of it…but enough of my childhood, back to the book. I really like the cover too (Pretty covers FTW) as the girl whose curled up in a ball on the stoned ground, shielding herself from the harshness of the world she lives in, looking more closely you can also say that perhaps she is just giving up in general as her dull eyes are no longer in focus.

Our main character is named Sabrina and she is an artist, but she is also schizophrenic so she gets checked into a center (because they can’t handle her and that type of shit just pisses me off! whatever happened to the good old saying of “through thick and thin..” and whatever else follows, also I have this feeling that is the last she will see of them…but who knows.), but no worries she isn’t completely alone for she meets a buddy (a male buddy *wink*) and he somehow convinces her that the doctors will take away her creativity with their special treatments so she is encouraged to rebel against the treatments to keep your true self alive.

Although the synopsis is short and my eyes are hungry for more information, this book feels to me that it’s going to be one roller-coaster. With Sabrina being an artist and schizophrenic I am feeling that I will reach some awareness, because of the type of person I am I cannot just read facts on Wikipedia and assume it will stick in my brain (unless it’s for an exam then it’s memorize or fail). I like learning in a story like way? If that makes any sense and this book will I feel should provide people the chance to experience everyday life through her eyes and perhaps we too will see more color than shades. Let’s face it we hear more about Cancer than any other sickness and from reviews that I have read you truly do get a better understanding of what the sickness does to a person. A truly heartfelt and intense read is what awaits us.

I’m really really looking forward to this book because it’s out of my comfort zone, will make my brain expand and I suggest that if you are as curious about schizophrenia and if your brain does work like mine then let’s take that ride on the yellow wagon and open up the pages of Life is But a Dream and allow our brain to fill with smarts.

Meli :)


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