An Update?!

What’s that?! A wild DREAMING WITH INK POST appeared!

Okay. Pokemon aside.

Hello… been a while hasn’t it? It’s a long epic story but I’ll spare you the details and summarize it for you.

The Dreaming With Ink fellowship were journeying through the lands of Writer’s Block when the horrid monsters Procrastination, Laziness and Damaged Laptop attacked Sam. The rest of the Fellowship then decided to wait until their comrade recovered before continuing on their quest.

I apologize for disappearing. As Head Girl, I should have written this sooner but life got in the way… Oh, and the fact that I no longer have a working laptop added to my disappearance from the interwebz. Le sigh. It’s a good thing I’m not dependent on having Internet but it still sucks when your muse suddenly decides to be active and you can’t do anything about it. Who knew it’d be so hard to find lined-paper in this house?! Enough rambling though, I’m happy to say that we’re back and will be up and running by next week!

I can’t speak for the rest of the Dreaming With Ink fellowship, but I’m doing well (recovering from a brutal cold and suffering through allergy season). I’m seriously lacking good books to read (all the ones I’ve picked up so far haven’t been able to keep my attention) and my end of spring/beginning of summer has been pretty… hectic? Blah.

((In non-book related news… Meli and I went to the advance screening of the movie BRAVE. I have to say it’s one of the best movies I saw this year (not that I’ve seen a lot of them but still, it’s up there with The Avengers for me)! It’s so cute and aw-inducing. Oh, and Merida’s hair? AWESOME. I’m so jealous.))

How has everyone been? What books have you been reading? How’s your summer so far?

Hope everything is well!
Again, I apologize for the disappearing act.

I’ll make sure there’s a warning if there’s another battle in the lands of Writer’s Block.

Till Next Time~!


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