Meli’s Tangy Marvels: Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce Review

Sisters Red

Jackson Pearce
Little Brown Books for Young Readers
Trade Paperback
Young Adult/Fantasy/Fairy Tales/Paranormal/Romance
324 Pages

Well let me tell you, let me tell YOU that this book is by far my favourite. It is action-packed, well written, the images I was receiving from the author’s descriptions were so vivid I thought I was in front of a plasma TV watching a kick-ass movie go down.

Yes…it was THAT good. At first I thought this was going to be just an ordinary re-telling of Red Riding hood, but it had more to offer. We come to meet the spectacular March sisters Scarlett and Rosie who are as different as night and day but have a bond as strong as the wall of China. Two huntress but each doing this profession for different reasons, Scarlett, whom is very tough, anti-emotions and driven to rid the world of the Fenris (which are what we call our werewolves) and then sweet, happy innocent Rosie whose motivation strives to just be there for her sister who protected her in a drastic time in their lives and hopes to repay the favour.

I completely adored their unique friendship, the way the author made them out to be you part of each other soul and as you read it you actually believe that’s exactly it. Without a doubt these two would give up everything for the other…but of course a happy duo won’t always stay a happy duo, especially when handsome and world-travelled Silas the woodsman/hunter/childhood friend comes back into town and things get a little screwy.
Yep little Rosie didn’t know what her teenage hormones were in for when sparks start to fly between the two, thankfully it wasn’t like “I LOVE YOU I NEED YOU BE WITH ME FOREVER” right away. We actually see the development happen which was boss…the tension is so electrifying that it sent tingles down every inch of my body. I also had to say I wondered where Scarlett was going to fit into all this…well let’s just say it’s one hell of a bumpy road.

I feel that this story is a way of reaching out and sending the message of not being afraid to look for more in life, not to settle and to find your passion. When life only offers you to be a huntress you don’t think about doing anymore, but all it takes is a seed of possibilities with the help of a trustee planter *wink* and that duo sister business is going to get ugly.
Nevertheless, despite Scarlett’s ever ongoing on what should be done and that being a huntress is all you need and should be content. You won’t hate her…get aggravated sure! But Jackson Pearce showcases the Scarlett’s mind and insecurities that all you want to do is give her a giant hug.

The only thing I wish did happen, since the book flips from both sisters’ prospective, I wish there was room for Silas to get his insight on things…yet again it is called SISTER RED so I guess I should be content.

OH and before I forget, I have to input that each werewolf whom were introduced all seemed so beautifully innocent and with the ability to smooth-talk a girl out of whatever she be wearing it took me by surprise when they transform and rip your body apart, sickening creatures. It was delightful, nothing fake about these creatures of the night.
Overall I could not stop reading this book and the ending which is a BIG chunk for me got me starry eyed. So please please pick up this book and I hope it leaves you with a smile on your face.

Grading: 5/5


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