Picture it & Write: Uncertain Paths

Upon discovering, Ermiliablog and their weekly prompts, Sam shared the find with the rest of the fellowship and a new weekly post has been born! Fridays and weekends, as I may have mentioned before, are free for alls where we can post whatever our hearts desire (and it may or may not have to do with books, but it definitely will have to do with the arts in some way).

You can find this week’s prompt here! Why don’t you give it a go? We’d love to read what you’ve done! Sam’s entry could be found here!

Meli’s Entry:


Uncertain Paths
Times were tough, with barely enough to eat, with nowhere to stay and no one to show a glint of kindness a person, at that point is willing to anything to change their fate. Whispers surfaces of an old woman deep within the forest who possesses skills which man had forgotten existed.

By completing a task, a person may receive a gift, a key to change their life forever. But what is to remember that once this change occurs it cannot be undone. Yet, despite this firm warning he rises to take on the challenge, living in a poor dying village he heads west to where the land is greener and lavished with fruits of every shape and color. A land where the sky turns different shades while accompanied by the sun whose rays bring everything to life.

After a total of twelve days he finally stumbles upon this land. His hair long and skin dark as the tree trunks, finally, he would get a new fate. As he traveled deep, deep into the forest’s belly he saw nothing but darkness and wonder if this was all for nothing. Soon sweet humming catches his ears he soon feels heavy and his body no longer moves at his will. Dropping to his knees he feels powerless and soon a pair of feet met his gaze, they were white, so white that the person’s blue veins could be seen.

The person—more like woman’s voice was low and horse and the man told her how he came from a land long far away to find change and had heard of her miracle ways to do that. In that instant his body was no long heavy and tired as he rose to face the old woman who looked upon him with gleaming eyes and a curious grin.

Turning away from him she began to walk away and as she did she said “if change is truly the path you seek then come with me, but know this… with great change happiness does not always follow.”

Together they both vanished into the forest.



2 thoughts on “Picture it & Write: Uncertain Paths

  1. Hey there, Meli! Thanks for contributing this week to Picture it & write. I loved the description of the feet being so white you could see the blue veins. It was creative and I’ve never heard such a description. I also really enjoyed the mysterious cliff-hanger ending. I wonder what would happen next to this poor man! I hope to see you next week with some more great writing.

    – Ermisenda

  2. Aloha!! thanks so much for the compliment :D it’s only thanks to my friend that I even know about this blog, which i must say is absolutely genius, but do not worry you shall be seeing me again for this week’s Picture it & Write!


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