Picture it & Write

Sasha’s Entry:


“Where do you think they lead?” he asked me. I held the keys in a tight grip in one hand, feeling the cool jagged edges digging into my sweaty palm. “I don’t know.” I told him softly. “Nowhere. Anywhere.” There were endless possibilities, maybe more than we could ever dream of. Maybe nothing at all. I held a single key up in front of my eyes, fingering the smooth metal. A comfortable silence washed over us. Our eyes met and at that moment, I knew. He knew. No words needed to be spoken out loud. Hope wrapped around us like a warm embrace. In that moment, anything could happen. Everything would change.

Ermiliablog and their weekly prompts

You can find this week’s prompt here!



3 thoughts on “Picture it & Write

  1. I love the atmosphere created by the vast number of possibilities. The description of the ‘cool jagged edges digging into my sweaty palm’ was really lovely too. Great choice of words. I’m glad you contributed to Picture it & write this week, Sam. I hope to see you again soon! :)

    – Ermisenda

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