Meli’s Tangy Marvels: Talk Me Down by Victoria Dahl Review

Talk Me Down
Victoria Dahl
HQN – January 2009

So Miss Victoria Dahl clearly impressed me, so so much. This little book provides lip curling upwards motions at every page as we meet witty Molly Jennings, erotic fiction writer extraordinaire. Just reading what she did for a living I said to myself “Wow well this is new” {inserts a gigantic smile as big as the moon}. Our story tell us of the tale of little Molly, who moved away from Denver, back to her roots of Tumble Creek. Looking for some inspiration, and perhaps finish where she left off with one sexy-I like the simple life-chief of police. Molly is a handful that I almost wonder who Ben (our Chief of Police) can handle it.

And he does and it’s with one word S.E.X.!!! There are some things that mustn’t be spoken of but wow, I can only say that if I met Ben, I would definitely love to learn a thing or two hahahaha.

Okay, I’m done drooling and slipping into fantasy land.

Now, what I liked about this book…besides the sexy-time, was that it had much more to offer, we had mystery of a stalker going after Molly and I thought I had it all figured out, but wow did the ending chapters give me a flick of the wrist. I even had myself saying “But I was SURE it wasn’t that person!!” goodness and you think you know how a story is going to turn out.

Well I did…a happy ending it gave me so it’s very nice.

I did like how the author related that in life people go through career choices that not everyone can accept and don’t obtain the approval of your love ones. In that we get a sense of the loneliness Molly suffers all while hiding it behind a great big smile. Yet, she doesn’t let that turn her into this spiteful person. Molly instead is presented as this strong and independent woman who took a huge leap to find herself and we see in the story that she wouldn’t change her life.

So all in all a great read and I shall popping into more of her books I believe.
Grading : 4.5/5



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