Picture it & Write: Enough

Invaders by *syda-ginger (deviantart)


She was tired of playing the role of prey, this time she wanted to be the attacker…the victor and wakeup from this nightmare. Too many lives had been lost, sacrificed for the greed of beings striving to create a new war weapon, super soldiers they had called them, a tool meant to save a nation. They had no idea of the tears she cried at the loss of her comrades, her family, the only people who truly cared for her wellbeing.

She long dreamed of a world outside the stoned walls which kept her imprisoned. She wanted to make her own destiny, and to carry the hopes of her fallen friends on her shoulders was hard, but the day when they took Pip, her dearest of friends away through those metal doors and watching it shut, she saw herself at that moment and knew this had to end.

She was young. She was not a fighter like Pip, nor brave like Lori, neither smart like Olive and Devin, lastly, she certainly was not cunning like Rocco. She felt alone and powerless, but then she remembers Pip’s words before the took him and the tender smile he gave her before pulling her into his arms and embracing her as if it was the last time they would meet.

Zara, whatever happens and no matter how hard it will be, promise me that you’ll escape. And once you reach the other side of that wall you don’t running, never stop you hear me?”

What about you? Pip I can’t do this alone.” Zara chocked as she buried herself deeper into his faded shirt, inhaling his scent and holding on for dear life.

Don’t worry about me,” he chuckled as he stroked her back comfortingly, “You’re all that’s left and you are the only one who can tell our story. So promise me Zara.”

With a tear streaked face she gave him a smile and promised that she would make him proud. So when the doctors came and left she knew it was her turn to act. Her eyes darted quickly for a way out, feeling a steady breeze she looked up and her lips curled. Inside the white room was a ventilation tunnel, she had seen her friends use it before to sneak into the kitchen and back. The screws were loose so she made quick work of them once she climbed up the chair. Once inside she started to crawl, her heart was beating rapidly, knowing that anything could go wrong and ruin everything. 

One wrong turn could send her straight to the enemy and she would face whatever awaited her behind the metal doors. What Zara did excel in was memorization, and luckily Pip had shown her the buildings blueprints weeks ahead of time just in case they had a chance like this, but this time there was no team, there was only her and she needed to make it.

Turning so many lefts and rights Zara wondered if perhaps the adrenaline of it all made her mistake a step along the way. Her breathing was coming in short pants and panic was overwhelming her system. What made her think she could do this? Why had she promised Pip such a thing? He should be doing the escaping, not her. Stopping in her movements she pulled her hands to her mouth to muffle her cries. Curling into a tiny ball she felt so small and weak. It wasn’t meant to end like this she told herself, she had a purpose and it was meant to fuel her. She had to tell their story and she would be dammed if she failed. Drying her tears she took a deep breath and set off again.

And just like that her hard work paid off as she smelt cool air and felt the mud under her fingers and dirtying her clothes while crawling out from the hole. Looking behind her she saw she was out of the building, but far from safe. So she ran and kept running like Pip said. It wasn’t until she found cement grounding that she allowed herself to slow down and catch a breath. Hands on her thighs she bent over and took in the different smells around her, and then she saw it…two bright lights approaching her.

Standing up she turn to face the lights as they got closer and closer. Then a head popped out from the window of the car, it was woman looking as confused as she was. The woman’s voice called to her, a sweet voice laced with concern asking her if she was alright and if she needed a lift. Smiling she approached the car climbed in and together they continued down the road.

Picture it & Write Prompt is from Ermiliablog
Give it a look if it tickles your fancy :)



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