Picture It & Write: Just A Little Kiss

Meli’s Entry:

Just a little Kiss

She was the tease in your dreams, the one girl you let get away, the one who you didn’t even know you existed, but once you find her…you’ll just keep coming for more. To reach what use to be within your grasp and to satisfied a deep hunger for human flesh.
It was pleasure for them and business for her.

Each night before having to sprinkle on the glitter, put on the most scandalous of clothing, and layering that delicious color of sin on her lips she looks up at the stars and pretends she was miles away from it all. She looks tired, older, as if tonight is her last night and she no longer has the will to dance again.
She likes to pretend that there was more to life. That she was more than just what this nightlife entailed. That she wasn’t the daughter who somebody just forgot in the red light district, and was brought up learning all of life’s lessons at an early age. She’s still a romantic, she still thinks someone will come and rescue from hell and that she was going to start another life far from all this. Of course, when you see her as most people do up on that stage, that frail young dreamer is not there—no instead the young woman you see is tantalizing, exotic and full of confidence. She has presence, beautiful and all who watch her know that there is no one like her.

So until she can get away she will continue to be that other girl. The one who before each performance douses herself with expensive perfume and if you’re lucky and willing to get a more personal view—yes you can get a kiss…just a little kiss and it’s enough to give you a craving that no Cuban cigar can fix.

And as she walks towards me and sends me a flirty grin we both know the show must go on.

– Meli

This is my contribution to this week’s Picture it & Write at Ermiliablog


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