Picture It & Write

To her Whispers I am…

I am invincible

I am untouchable

I am fearless

I know no boundaries

I have a master

She drives me

She made me what I am today

She is selfish

She is cruel

The word enough holds no power

Until I am a corpse that is when her hunger is satisfied

I say I do not heed to the silky poison which slips from her ruby full lips

But she knows better because without me she does not exist

I still remembered how we met, how she lured me into her web with careful precision

Her red hair I could make out even at the darkest hour of night caught my attention

Her pale skin that seemed almost grey with the moon casting a small glow

I should have known she was a devil, I should have known there was no turning back

And then she spoke and it was over

Her voice so sweet and low I remember straining my ears to catch every last syllable

Outstretching her hand to me I knew I had to choose

To walk alongside her or to remain alone

I wonder what life would be had I chose the latter

Would I be happy?

Would I find purpose?

It is useless to ponder; the past is too far gone to see what could have been

I am both puppet and puppeteer

Because without the other there is no us

This is my contribution for this week’s Picture it & Write from Ermiliablog.


6 thoughts on “Picture It & Write

  1. Thank you everyone for your kind words!! I had absolutely no idea if this idea was going to work out but thankfully this picture was extremely inspiring and still looking at it I feel that there is so much more which could be said.

    You all sure know how to make a girl feel appreciated
    Thank you and good night


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