Meli’s Tangy Marvels: Daughter of Smoke and Bones by Laini Taylor Review

Title: Daughter of Smoke and Bones
Author: Laini Taylor
Publisher: Little Brown & Company
Type of book: Paperback
Genre: Mystery, Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal Angels & Demons
Pages: 417
Status : Own

So this book was recommended to me via Good Reads and at first it didn’t do much for me, but each time I went to the bookstore I would seek it out like a baby turtles trying to head to the sea.
This story surrounds the mysterious life of art-student Karou, a laid back young girl living in Prague, Czech Republic with an unusual night job which involves collecting strange artifacts for her half-human half beast father figure Brimstone. Oh and did I mention she has blue hair?

There are many secrets concerning her background, as to who her parents were, why she’s got this very special family of demons and then to add to the mystery am angel gets thrown into the mix. Although they got off the wrong foot—him trying to kill her with his giant sword and she running around like a scared mouse. Nevertheless those two came to form an unknown alliances after a rather terrifying incident at Brimstone’s secret home…you know in a scary movie the main character for some reason goes into the basement and you’re yelling for her NOT to go? Well it’s the same thing, curiosity got Karou beaten up and thrown around by a giant monster thing like ragdoll.

That was also the period of time in the book which I just got so pissed. Brimstone threw her away like trash and to never see each other again! THE GIRL IS HALF DEAD AT LEAST GIVE HER A FIRST AID KIT!!!
*cough* I’m sorry, but I can’t stand lack of etiquettes. I don’t think it’s too much to ask either.
So she’s out of the pack like a lone wolf licking her wounds and here comes sweet or so so sweet Akiva the angel/murderer/love-interest-to-be. The way he was written out to be I can only say
“Have my babies…please?” through and through I liked this author a lot. The book doesn’t look long so I was please on how she manages to pack in a lot of important information and not make it seem like I’m being stuffed like a teddy bear. Karou’s secret identity is revealed and I was sort of surprised because I thought one way but it wasn’t that way and …yeah.

I really can’t say much but it’s a great read and do not worry! What is Batman without his Robin? Karou’s got one hell of a friend/side-kick that makes up for her short stature with a big mouth, she provides a good balance of stress relief and you know the saying “a friend in need is a friend indeed.

This is a trilogy, I’m completely anticipating the sequel, but for extra warning purposes, you will swear like sailors. There is this high momentum that everything seems like it’s going to be okay, the fellowship is stronger than ever…and then it drops.

To which I want to give a great shout-out to Akiva and say “Yeah, fuck face…you messed up BIG TIME” but he’s not a fuck face, he’s beautiful and if you were in head and turn what I said around I think he would be a great fuck face…yum.

So all in all please despite the lack of summary I felt towards the book in the beginning, it’s honestly worth your time and I do think it’s a great read: D

Grading : 4.5/5



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