Picture It & Write

Tonight? The hours belonged to the dead.

There were rumours that she had a troubled hand. Whisking through the old ways; dark magic. Some said that she met and plotted with the fairies and goblins, deep in the forest where it became too dark to tell when sunlight poured in. Others believed that she sold her soul. No one ever knew for sure just how she knew to do the things that she could. Not even Tomas, but he loved her dearly anyway. And she- him. Until the day he died, hanged for a crime he did not commit. That day, she went a little mad. Her heartbroken cries echoed through the town for a full day. As most of the town crowded Sir Lynden’s family estate, I remembered hours earlier when she had stood in the middle of the square, chaos and destruction running through her veins.

“You’ll pay.” She sneered. “Every last one.”

No one had believed her. Even now, no one knew what to make of this. That this night, the dead walked the streets. Some had given in, not caring of the unnaturalness of it. Simply wanting the second chance that seemed to be granted. This was not such. We’ve lost some. More. It was not love, or making up for lost time that urged the deceased on. It was a like madness to her own. A sudden power. She had brought the dead back to life and they wanted revenge. For what, I can’t be sure.

Hurriedly, all the doors and windows were boarded up. Mama tried to talk Papa out of gathering a small army. Some, people I’ve known since my four years searched the house for as many weapons as they could find. Others prayed. I watched her, before the last of the windows was closed off. She glided through the street, past terrible unspeakables as if none of it could ever touch her. None of it would soil her dress. The screams of terror as the city burned, flowing with fresh streams of blood. They would never deter her. I held my breath as she walked past me with a dazed look in her eyes. A demented smile tugged at her lips.

“Tomas?” she called out. “my love, where are you?”

Contribution by: Sasha

Picture it & Write is a weekly writing prompt from ErmiliaBlog. Be sure to send them some love and if the prompt calls out to you, join in on the fun!


5 thoughts on “Picture It & Write

  1. Wow. That’s creepy! The world won’t end by a zombie apocalypse, but a ghost apocalypse. Great write up, dreamingwithink. Thanks for contributing this week. :)

    – Ermisenda

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