Title: Silver
Author: Rhiannon Held
Publisher: Thor Books
Type of book: Paperback
Genre: Young adult, Paranormal-> Werewolves, romance, fantasy.
Pages: 320

This was another pick with Goodreads and although I battle and battle with it, on a trip to Indigo/Chapters I picked it up and here I am with my verdict. Leaping into this I found it amusing that the summary did nothing to portray that our main Character was going to be a mentally unstable, it’s usually a thing that authors do. You know maybe to differentiate themselves from all the others in this genre and so all readers know that “hey y’all this is some deep business so watch out!” not something I mind, instead it felt like dipping into a box of chocolates.

…Moving on to the real juice of it all…

The leading lady Silver, a scared girl, the last of her pack and runaway.The majority of the time she running from this monster who is still after her, trying to finish what it started. During this book I found myself wondering if the monster was real or even just a fabrication of her shattered mind. Her character is of some wanting nothing more than to forget the past and search for her wild-self, because of her tragic past she can no longer transform into a wolf. Say what? Then would that even classify her as a wolf to begin with? Apparently it does, I mean if you keep thinking you can fly you won’t come terms with not being able to until you fall down a cliff. *Gasp*
During her journey she has an otherworldly companion…Death. Who is one twisted pup (Pretty glad he was the embodiment of a wolf, I mean can you imagine how much freakier it would be it if he was some cloaked figure with a scythe following you around?). A mental-abuser, Death talks with the voices of the dead to taunts her and further her unstable state.

sick bastard! or is he?

Another character/love-interest/protagonist/He’s just a bit of everything Andrew Dare (badass last name *props*) comes in and for some reason I kept picturing Ian Somerhalder and I was just like DAMN but nevertheless, this guy is no hero……honestly, he really does not want the role. He would rather just be independent, but still likes to part of pack, it’s some confusing melodrama that I cannot get into at the moment. F.Y.I he has his reasons, blood wrenching, psychotic, anger filled reasons for not wanting to own up and become the alpha everyone knows he can be.

Thinking back I wonder if this was all some trick to give us some really irritating characters who seem very pitiful and lost in their own drama so that we the readers would feel so much that we had to keep reading to know if they grow or forever be alone.

Throughout the book becomes Andrew and even Silver become the characters we all love to aggravated at, you know the ones who at certain points you want to push on the ground and yell “stop making excuses and be brave for fudgesake!” we all know life is tough and horrible, but you outgrew your diapers.

Now we come onto what threw me. While Dare tries to locate Silver’s “monster” he has to travel to many packs like one of the pack leaders was named Seattle and I got confused as to them referring to the actual place or was that just the person’s name. Second, would be Silver talking in riddles. As I mentioned previously she is indeed mentally warped so I suppose it plays into character, but then again it felt really frustrating. The whole time you want to know what happens and she keeps pushing it away. Then she got me believing that she probably had another personality in her, because one minute she’s crazed and the next she was calm and authoritative. So maybe I mean she’s bipolar instead? Silver never sits still so never assume you have her figured out.

Another thing to pay attention to is the relationship between herself and Death. Although he has his own agenda their relationship was a little more than just tormentor and victim, he would appear whenever she was really in danger and offer her advice when she began pulling away from people who wanted to help her. So I don’t know if the author meant to show Death as an equally important being who although puts her into this craze state, also wants her to better herself.
Yet, she does regain some normality as we get closer to the end also the identity of her “monster” is revealed. I think i would have been much more upset if it was all in her head, that’s too far.

Things I wish would have been added would’ve been Dare’s personal life. The fact that he has a daughter is mentioned, I would have liked him being reunited with her, or try and get into contact but I guess that was not the plan nor possible. I had hoped that Silver, who is now cured of the foul injected-silver she would had regain her arm to function normally but I think the author did that on purpose as a reminder of what she survived.

The ending felt that things were only going to get better for our happy couple who didn’t say those magical words but as wolves, actions speak louder and did they EVER.. The author I do think she has great imagination and I did like her writing style too so perhaps I’ll tune into more books from her, however, if there is a sequel to this book I will have to think about it before indulging, because like I said it’s a lot of craziness.

Grading : 3/5


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