Nostalgic Tales: Rainshadow Road By Lisa Kleypas

Title: RainShadow Road

Publisher: Piatkus Books

Author: Lisa Kleypas

Type of Book: Paperback

Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Adult, Magic Realism, Chick Lit

This book was given to me based on a win from Goodreads and I am not especially lucky so you should all know how ecstatic I was to have finally won something. So many thanks!!!

On with the Review:

This story is particularly juicy, our main character Lucy, the forgotten child in some sense. She (Lucy) undergoes a massive betrayal, not only does her conniving boyfriend break with her, and yes there was another woman and that woman is, you guessed it! Lucy’s younger, prettier and attention-hogging sister Alice! Needless to say life just crumbled for Lucy after that. It doesn’t take long for Lucy to be rescued, even when she claimed she didn’t need saving. Typical damsel response pshh if only she knew…

Sam Nolan is the essence of Hakuna-Matata. He lives by a simple no-strings attach and everyone is happy life style that I thought “this guy wants to die a bachelor and I’m okay with that” He is kind, witty, science loving nerd, with a face worthy of being a Disney prince (this is based on my visual impression of him, totts could different on readers) but better looking. Oh and all male.*cheeky smile*

When those two collide, Lucy gets ready to run for the hills, but divine intervention or whatever is at work does not let that fly by. I really enjoyed the way their relationship grew. Unlike other romances we get the sexual tension and then the inevitable “your place or mine” speech, but this time it was different. These two’s shared a friendship and a deep companionship that I loved observing and it felt more genuine. So 10 points awarded to Mademoiselle Kleypas!

So ladies and gents, they do get down and dirty after Lucy convinces herself that some less OCD-ness is needed and with her sister being a, well let’s be frank, a narcissistic bitch it was bound to happen. Whoever said stress relievers aren’t handy obviously isn’t getting the right kind. Nevertheless, the drama-juice keeps running as more secrets pop up about her family and her dear ex-boyfriend. We also get a deeper look into Sam’s rough past which explains why he chooses the way of the bachelor.

There are also a few side stories I saw happening and usually I think too many characters getting involved in too overwhelming but this author, she be crafty y’all. I actually wanted to venture more into, but I think Lisa Kleypas next book will give me what I am looking for.

I think this book is fabulous and I could not put it down so well written and breathtaking with lip curling upwards moments. THE ONLY PROBLEM I HAD was the magic, I really didn’t know there was going to mention of it. Yep it happened…a curve ball right in the groin. I kind of wish there wasn’t any, but I suppose it’s a great icebreaker, that little “think outside the box and eat that weird color chocolate because obviously it meant to be there.” Maybe for others the magic-mentions will be pleasing, it could be perhaps she wanted to just be different and try her hand at something more meh the way Kleypas thinks is BEYOND MY UNDERSTANDING. All in all to me on the other hand this story was so beautiful I feel that component was an extra added and you didn’t have to go there.

Oh and let us not forget that dear Alice, learns her lesson and that’s all I am willing to say. When that moment happens I whooped out loud and gloated, but Lucy was much more graceful than I would have been.

Grading : 4.5/5

With mucho Amor


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