Box of Surprise!

I’ve been away from this blog for two weeks! My bad. The past two mondays were holidays over here and I was away from the computer all day. BUT NOT TODAY.
This week I want to talk about an adventure that happened a while back. But before that, let me as you a question:

What are your thoughts on used books/used-book shops?
Personally. I think they’re freaking awesome! There are so many awesome finds if you’re patient enough to browse through everything. Meli, Michelle, and I went to a used-book shop a while back and there was an offer that caught my attention.
A taped up box with this sign:

and inside was a bunch of random books.

The majority of them were extremely cheese-y romance novels that I’m totally not into haha. But Meli grabbed a few that interested her. The books I was interested are parts of a series so I’m probably going to look for first part before delving in.
Have you done this kind of thing before? What kind of books did you get if you did?

Well that’s all for today!
Sorry it’s so short, I’m a little pressed for time,
Until next week~


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