General Announcement!

Hello Friends!

With school just around the corner our schedules will be a little tight so things will change up just a tiny bit! First, we have a new buddy on board: Sarah~ (She’ll be your Sundays)! Be sure to check out her bio!

Second: Scheduling!
We might be prone to missing a few posts (especially during exam period) but rest assured, this blog will remain active! Instead of everyone posting weekly (or in my case monthly haha I’m still super sorry about that) everyone will be posting bi-weekly.

For the first week of September, expect an update from yours truly (Monday), Sasha (Wednesday), and Mandy (Friday)
The second week will be Sarah (Sunday), Meli (Thursday), and Michelle (Saturday).
It’ll alternate from there!
Our Tuesdays (hopefully every week) are still reserved for Top Ten Tuesday and Picture it and Write (should we decide to participate) and Guest-posts! (If you would like to guest post / share a thought with us just send us an email and we’ll be in contact!)

That’s all for now
Until next time



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