Comparing Authors/Series

Have you ever read a review or picked up a book that states something along the lines of: “The New [INSERT POPULAR BEST SELLING AUTHOR’S NAME HERE]!!”

This came along because I’m currently reading Samantha Shannon’s “The Bone Season” and some of you may know that she’s being compared to/called “the new J K Rowling”. But as I’m reading through this, that isn’t the case. The only thing right now that makes them similar is their publishing company and the fact that Shannon is set for a Seven book series.

Other than that, Shannon’s books have nothing to do with Harry Potter or J K Rowling. It’s a great way to get hype for a book, but as I’m reading it all I’m thinking about is what it’s being compared too.


I have a love hate relationship with these hype things. I love it because if I’m looking for a specific style or genre, going through lists that are “recommended because you read [insert title here]” or “if you liked [series name here], you’ll love this” saves me a lot of new book hunting time.

I dislike it because I tend to have high expectations for the book after. Then… 60 percent of the time, it just doesn’t compare.

Don’t get me wrong though, because the books I pick up are still a great/good read! But… you just can’t compare two or more different authors/books series against each other. Everything you read or watch or listen to should stand on it’s own and not be compared to something it has nothing to do with.

Sure there might be a familiar aspect between whatever it is you’re subconsciously comparing but I think we should get into the habit of not doing that. I think we (or maybe this is just me) would enjoy some reads better if we weren’t constantly comparing it to things you know? I mean, how can you compare different styles of writing anyway? or different worlds of fiction? They’re meant to be different for a reason…

Am I rambling here/not making any sense?

What do you think?
Do you get caught up on the own comparing thing?

Let me know!
Until next time


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