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Dreaming With Ink
is a blog created by friends who share a common interest in creativity, writing, and books. We decided it would be a fun adventure to share our reading experiences, writing, and general silliness with like minded people and make a few friends along the way! :)

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Keeping this short and sweet, I’m a former insomniac and an avid reader, writer, artist and eater (yes, that’s right. Eater). I go through books like candy and as a child it was both a blessing and a curse for my parents (books can get pricey especially if a person can go through two, three-hundred plus page novels in a span of 24 hours). I remember once, I think I was 9-years-old, I told my parents I’d live in a bookstore and now, I work at one (happy times :D)! I’m sometimes blunt and sarcastic and for some reason can come across as “tough” but I’ll have you know I’m probably one the BIGGEST scaredy-cat in the world haha. I can’t watch horror movies, look clowns in the eye, and I’ll proudly say I’ll lose in a fight against a tiny spider. I hope to make some friends here in the book-blogging community and discover books I probably wouldn’t have read without some outside influence! :)

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Meeting again after so long of a separation can be hard and unpredictable, but I’m here to assure all you happy people that I still am pretty much the same. Just as bubbly, impulsive with words that may not even exist in the dictionary and expression jumbled together that it may cause head-tilts. Offering nothing but honesty and I hope you’ll enjoy the rollercoaster I go through when I read a book. It’s going to be fun and I hope I make some lip-twist with my unique quirkiness. The name’s Meli and let go book hunting and fall in love….with books <3

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Hey there. I go by Sasha. Along with my absolute love and adoration for words of any kind and my aspiring dream to fall into the career path of authorism or something of the sort, I’m here to tell you about the books that I’ve come across and ones that I hope to. What’s to love and when it’s plainly appropriate to swoon. What’s got me at the edge of my seat, turning the pages so fast that they nearly tear, and most of all- what I dislike to the point of holding back the urge to chuck a novel across the room. Welcome to my twenty two year old thoughts. Be warned- eye rolls and the occasional chortle may ensue.

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I like to read.

Why else would I be writing for this blog?

Come on people, get with the program!

Anyways, joking aside, I’m a professional procrastinator and my life goals take a backseat once placed in front of a computer with internet access. This does not make me a hermit however, since I am usually a beautiful social butterfly fluttering away… Whether or not my social interactions are good or bad, however, is debatable but is usually related to how early I wake up that day. (For the denser among you it’s a nicer way of saying: do not talk to me before I’ve had my morning coffee.)

With that said, I hope you all enjoy this blog my friends and I have put together, and have as much fun reading it as we are creating it! Happy reading everyone!

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Hello my freaky darlings :) I am a dreadfully sarcastic bibliophile who has mountains of books lying around my room, to the utter dismay of my mother, and a rather unhealthy obsession with old things. Though, being a History major, that last bit sort of makes sense, doesn’t it? I am a very avid reader and an active writer, being in a few writing competitions and being published twice. It was Harry Potter that began my descent down the slippery slope that is literature. I now spend a good chunk of my paycheque at bookstores and, when I was young and jobless, would demand book after book from my parents. My dad, another devourer of the written word, didn’t really mind.

I LOVE old and yellowed books, mostly because of their smell (a musty aroma). I want to read a book in which I must wear special gloves and use tweezers to turn the pages. Oh, and I am not crazy. My mother had me tested.


Hellooo!! My name is Sarah. I’m a university student studying English Literature, and an employee at a bookstore. I love to read and write, and can’t imagine my life without either one. Where reading is concerned, I have a pretty wide scope for the genres I like. I enjoy cotemporary and fantasy, but also like historical fiction at times. I also hold a particular interest in young adult fiction, because I’ve always felt adolescence is the most important time to get people reading. It’s the age period when people are picking their own books, and learning what they like for themselves. This is also why I hold such an interest in writing for this age group. Whether blogging about writing or books, I’m so happy to find myself among friends and in a community that shares my passions!

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3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. You four sound fantastic. I can’t wait to see what this blog produces. I also love the little graphic signatures. A very stylish touch. ;)

    – Ermisenda

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