Sasha’s Curiousity Corner: Kill Me Softly by Sarah Cross


When I first saw the title, I instantly thought of that song from The Fugees. Then I thought “Oh hey, that’s neat. I want to read this.” So yeah. The thought still stands: I want to read this.

The cover does absolute wonders for me. It’s not overly interesting, but the soiled white rose does leave me pondering incessantly. Is that blood? Red paint? A questionably spilt wine? I also happen to enjoy the vines wrapped around the lettering. It’s simple, excluding that rose (the red liquid is a lot questionable)-it’s actually pretty sweet. You know what else is sweet? Fairytales. Which is exactly what this book promises. I don’t think Sarah Cross is giving it the typical Disney spin.


“…In Beau Rivage, nothing is what it seems—the strangely pale girl with a morbid interest in apples, the obnoxious playboy who’s a beast to everyone he meets, and the chivalrous guy who has a thing for damsels in distress. Here, fairy tales come to life, curses are awakened, and ancient stories are played out again and again.”

I’m a total sucker for twisty fairytales and this looks like it’s mild on the twist. From what I could assume from the summary, the main character Mirabelle hasn’t taken on any well known happily ever after identity and I’m wondering what role she will play. All these words about curses and hidden pasts and destiny just gets my curiousity peaked to it’s highest. Will sixteen year old Mirabelle find her happily ever after, fairy tale fate? Or will she be cursed with a dark past as well as a darkened future?

How omnious is that?

When I get my hands on it, I’ll be sure to let you know!



Sasha’s Curiousity Corner: That Cat Had 9 Lives

Image In the good, not-so-long-ago days, I went through a bit of a romance novel binge.

It is exactly how it sounds.

I would read so many of them that now I walk right by the aisles without even taking a quick peek. That is simply not done. The genre has become so predictable and tedious to me to the point where I may have anointed myself a psychic. Of course, sticking (loyally) to a certain handful of authors didn’t help. For this book, I will gladly make the honorable exception and put on my veil of denial. Delusion? I was actually searching for another book online when this one popped up and presented itself: Educating Caroline by Patricia Cabot takes place in the Victorian era where our heroine Lady Caroline Linford discovers the less than noble indiscretions of her husband-to-be. Sadly, wherever it is that her fiancé seems is getting his goodies isn’t a valid reason to nip the upcoming wedding in the bud, at least the rest of society doesn’t seem to think so. To keep his eyes (and hands) from wandering anywhere else, Caroline devises a plan to seek the help of Braden Granville; London’s most notorious rake. What better plan than to have something of a professional teach you the rules of seduction and enticement? But Braden has no intention of helping Caroline. Until of course, he discovers that she has something that he wants: the name of his fiancée’s dirty little secret. Sparks will undoubtedly fly, get heated to scorching temperatures and lines between lessons and actuality will become blurred. As the saying goes: the heart wants what it wants.

The plot seemed appealing enough to bring me out of my anti-rom funk, which is lovely. After reading the synopsis I was literally shaking my head and smiling in amusement. I’m also excited for how Victorian day England is to be described and the  subtle flirtation disguised as witty banter; especially that it will all be depicted through Patricia Cabot`s vast imagination. Patricia Cabot is actually another nom de plume of well-known author Meg Cabot. Though the cover is a sight for a sore eyes (as most romance novel covers go…) and I’m interested to read just how love blooms between the two. Hopefully, neither of them will get tangled in those pesky love squares (Love square; a four person love complication). If this book is anything like any other of Meg Cabot’s works, I’m definitely sure that I’ll fully enjoy this book. Even though I’m supposed to put a stop to my falsely established clairvoyant self with a firm hand. I hope to see what kind of read this turns into. It does sound pretty juicy though, don’t you think? It sounds like a sexy little adventure. Speaking of sexy, I wonder if there will be a sex scene?

Just kidding.

Of course there will be a sex scene. Multiple. Probably.

You know what else I’m sure there will be multiple of?

…the letter ‘A’.

What were you thinking of?

Again- there goes my not funny humour.

I’ll stop now.