Meli’s Tangy Marvels: Daughter of Smoke and Bones by Laini Taylor Review

Title: Daughter of Smoke and Bones
Author: Laini Taylor
Publisher: Little Brown & Company
Type of book: Paperback
Genre: Mystery, Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal Angels & Demons
Pages: 417
Status : Own

So this book was recommended to me via Good Reads and at first it didn’t do much for me, but each time I went to the bookstore I would seek it out like a baby turtles trying to head to the sea.
This story surrounds the mysterious life of art-student Karou, a laid back young girl living in Prague, Czech Republic with an unusual night job which involves collecting strange artifacts for her half-human half beast father figure Brimstone. Oh and did I mention she has blue hair?

There are many secrets concerning her background, as to who her parents were, why she’s got this very special family of demons and then to add to the mystery am angel gets thrown into the mix. Although they got off the wrong foot—him trying to kill her with his giant sword and she running around like a scared mouse. Nevertheless those two came to form an unknown alliances after a rather terrifying incident at Brimstone’s secret home…you know in a scary movie the main character for some reason goes into the basement and you’re yelling for her NOT to go? Well it’s the same thing, curiosity got Karou beaten up and thrown around by a giant monster thing like ragdoll.

That was also the period of time in the book which I just got so pissed. Brimstone threw her away like trash and to never see each other again! THE GIRL IS HALF DEAD AT LEAST GIVE HER A FIRST AID KIT!!!
*cough* I’m sorry, but I can’t stand lack of etiquettes. I don’t think it’s too much to ask either.
So she’s out of the pack like a lone wolf licking her wounds and here comes sweet or so so sweet Akiva the angel/murderer/love-interest-to-be. The way he was written out to be I can only say
“Have my babies…please?” through and through I liked this author a lot. The book doesn’t look long so I was please on how she manages to pack in a lot of important information and not make it seem like I’m being stuffed like a teddy bear. Karou’s secret identity is revealed and I was sort of surprised because I thought one way but it wasn’t that way and …yeah.

I really can’t say much but it’s a great read and do not worry! What is Batman without his Robin? Karou’s got one hell of a friend/side-kick that makes up for her short stature with a big mouth, she provides a good balance of stress relief and you know the saying “a friend in need is a friend indeed.

This is a trilogy, I’m completely anticipating the sequel, but for extra warning purposes, you will swear like sailors. There is this high momentum that everything seems like it’s going to be okay, the fellowship is stronger than ever…and then it drops.

To which I want to give a great shout-out to Akiva and say “Yeah, fuck face…you messed up BIG TIME” but he’s not a fuck face, he’s beautiful and if you were in head and turn what I said around I think he would be a great fuck face…yum.

So all in all please despite the lack of summary I felt towards the book in the beginning, it’s honestly worth your time and I do think it’s a great read: D

Grading : 4.5/5



Meli’s Tangy Marvels: Wicked As They Come by Delilah S. Dawson Review + Top Ten Tuesday

Title: Wicked As They Come

Author: Delilah S. Dawson

Publisher: Pocket Books

Type of book: Paperback

Genre: Fantasy–Paranormal, Romance, Adulte

Pages: 395

So let me start off by saying, that i started this book on April 11th, 2012 and now we are in July. What does that say? In a few words it is not a pleasant notion, I usually don’t take 3 months to read a tiny book like this…unless something happened. While it did leave me to be entertained I seemed to have lost my way and interest for this book. I also keep checking my Good Reads account and see it to yet to be graded and that irks me a little too.

So I decided that it was time to plough through my last 10 chapters of this book and let you know my final verdict.

This story is about a young lady name Tish who has lost her way like I have lost my way with this book. After suffering an abusive relationship she struggles to come back into her own and no longer be that caged bird. She has a deep relationship with her grandmother whom she takes care of and a passion for old artefacts. During a visit to shop she finds a locket and instantly feels a connection—as if was meant for her and could not leave it.

Of course this locket is an unusual item, it’s magical! And one night transports her to the land of Sang. I had let my mum read this first and she couldn’t even get pass the second chapter before giving up. Knowing that there were vampire bunnies (correctly known as blud bunnies), deer, rats and other creature

imaginable just didn’t sit well with her, but I found it amusing so I kept reading.

Our male lead is none other than Criminy Stain, master of magic and of a circus group. I liked him because I’m usually stuck with the brooding male leads, but he instead he gave me quirky with a slice of dark…at time cynical but I loved it. Tish was so modern and acted in a believable way that I started devouring this book.

Sure, she got whiny and yes there was another male lead (Casper Sterling = yummy) which undoubtedly created that triangle because they were so different but the same too.

So I endured and endured and endured till the plot start to unravel where we meet the bad guy and finding out that he took got stuck in the land of Sang, but has a huge grudge against Trish and her blud friends.

Oh and I forgot to mention, our damsel in distress acquired an ability…to see into the future yay!!! She has some usage besides just being pretty. The adventure to recover her stolen locket (which allows her to travel between both worlds) I think that’s what really slowed me.

It was taking too long; I didn’t need to know something I just felt like Delilah was putting in words to think of how everything was going to work out. Also, the whole time they were in danger, never did it get serious…it just seemed like a joke and gave the impression that nothing too terrible would happen. When I thought they would finally get to Jonah Goodwill and put him out him out of his misery…all I got was more adventure and more secrets.

And all I was screaming was knock it off already!!!

So in the end, well Tish did extremely well. Her scheming tricks paid off and the way she disposed of Goodwill, I do applaud it, how the author wrapped it all together was…

…fair, let’s just say you know expression you can’t have the cake and it too? Well for Trish she definitely can and is very happy. BUT right when it seems to be all concluded, we get another vision, a vision describing a future that has yet to pass…dun, dun DUN so the adventure lives on.

So my advice if you choose to read this book, don’t let 3 months pass by, it just harder to get the job done, especially if you are like me and cannot NOT finish a book no matter what the circumstances.

Grading : 2.5/5


Top Ten Most Vivid Worlds/Settings In Books

1) Coraline : This dark story still gets me look behind me, I really enjoyed the moment when she went through the tiny doorway and it just seemed very real.

2) Sister Red : The fight against the Fenris, golly I scrunched up my face during their battle scenes and I should clearly see Scarlet’s ax flowing in the wind as it took a chunk out of her enemy.

3) Across the Universe : The whole life on the ship and the fild like atmosphere especially when Amy, who was needed an escape just started running and the grass that never ends, went on for miles it seemed.

4) What’s Eating Gilbert Grape : The whole small town scenery was fantastic; you know that feeling that everyone knows everyone? Well I felt exactly that and believed I was there watching things unfold.

5) Whiter : Before Rhine got taken away, the dystopian world she lives in is crumbling it was hopeless, dark and lonely.

6) My Name is Memory : The whole process of the lives Daniel lived as he looked for his Sophia, I could never doubt the things he saw and lived through, from being a soldier recovering from fatal wounds, to a little boy in church meeting his first friend. Loved it.

7) Discovery of Witches : Although I’m nearing the end, this author knows how to write, so much detail in every scene. I especially loved the time Diana spent in the mornings rowing on the lake it was serene, peaceful and delicate. When she was relaxed I was too.

Meli’s Tangy Marvels: Talk Me Down by Victoria Dahl Review

Talk Me Down
Victoria Dahl
HQN – January 2009

So Miss Victoria Dahl clearly impressed me, so so much. This little book provides lip curling upwards motions at every page as we meet witty Molly Jennings, erotic fiction writer extraordinaire. Just reading what she did for a living I said to myself “Wow well this is new” {inserts a gigantic smile as big as the moon}. Our story tell us of the tale of little Molly, who moved away from Denver, back to her roots of Tumble Creek. Looking for some inspiration, and perhaps finish where she left off with one sexy-I like the simple life-chief of police. Molly is a handful that I almost wonder who Ben (our Chief of Police) can handle it.

And he does and it’s with one word S.E.X.!!! There are some things that mustn’t be spoken of but wow, I can only say that if I met Ben, I would definitely love to learn a thing or two hahahaha.

Okay, I’m done drooling and slipping into fantasy land.

Now, what I liked about this book…besides the sexy-time, was that it had much more to offer, we had mystery of a stalker going after Molly and I thought I had it all figured out, but wow did the ending chapters give me a flick of the wrist. I even had myself saying “But I was SURE it wasn’t that person!!” goodness and you think you know how a story is going to turn out.

Well I did…a happy ending it gave me so it’s very nice.

I did like how the author related that in life people go through career choices that not everyone can accept and don’t obtain the approval of your love ones. In that we get a sense of the loneliness Molly suffers all while hiding it behind a great big smile. Yet, she doesn’t let that turn her into this spiteful person. Molly instead is presented as this strong and independent woman who took a huge leap to find herself and we see in the story that she wouldn’t change her life.

So all in all a great read and I shall popping into more of her books I believe.
Grading : 4.5/5


Meli’s Tangy Marvels: Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce Review

Sisters Red

Jackson Pearce
Little Brown Books for Young Readers
Trade Paperback
Young Adult/Fantasy/Fairy Tales/Paranormal/Romance
324 Pages

Well let me tell you, let me tell YOU that this book is by far my favourite. It is action-packed, well written, the images I was receiving from the author’s descriptions were so vivid I thought I was in front of a plasma TV watching a kick-ass movie go down.

Yes…it was THAT good. At first I thought this was going to be just an ordinary re-telling of Red Riding hood, but it had more to offer. We come to meet the spectacular March sisters Scarlett and Rosie who are as different as night and day but have a bond as strong as the wall of China. Two huntress but each doing this profession for different reasons, Scarlett, whom is very tough, anti-emotions and driven to rid the world of the Fenris (which are what we call our werewolves) and then sweet, happy innocent Rosie whose motivation strives to just be there for her sister who protected her in a drastic time in their lives and hopes to repay the favour.

I completely adored their unique friendship, the way the author made them out to be you part of each other soul and as you read it you actually believe that’s exactly it. Without a doubt these two would give up everything for the other…but of course a happy duo won’t always stay a happy duo, especially when handsome and world-travelled Silas the woodsman/hunter/childhood friend comes back into town and things get a little screwy.
Yep little Rosie didn’t know what her teenage hormones were in for when sparks start to fly between the two, thankfully it wasn’t like “I LOVE YOU I NEED YOU BE WITH ME FOREVER” right away. We actually see the development happen which was boss…the tension is so electrifying that it sent tingles down every inch of my body. I also had to say I wondered where Scarlett was going to fit into all this…well let’s just say it’s one hell of a bumpy road.

I feel that this story is a way of reaching out and sending the message of not being afraid to look for more in life, not to settle and to find your passion. When life only offers you to be a huntress you don’t think about doing anymore, but all it takes is a seed of possibilities with the help of a trustee planter *wink* and that duo sister business is going to get ugly.
Nevertheless, despite Scarlett’s ever ongoing on what should be done and that being a huntress is all you need and should be content. You won’t hate her…get aggravated sure! But Jackson Pearce showcases the Scarlett’s mind and insecurities that all you want to do is give her a giant hug.

The only thing I wish did happen, since the book flips from both sisters’ prospective, I wish there was room for Silas to get his insight on things…yet again it is called SISTER RED so I guess I should be content.

OH and before I forget, I have to input that each werewolf whom were introduced all seemed so beautifully innocent and with the ability to smooth-talk a girl out of whatever she be wearing it took me by surprise when they transform and rip your body apart, sickening creatures. It was delightful, nothing fake about these creatures of the night.
Overall I could not stop reading this book and the ending which is a BIG chunk for me got me starry eyed. So please please pick up this book and I hope it leaves you with a smile on your face.

Grading: 5/5

Meli’s Tangy Marvels: The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson

book cover
The Name of the Star
Maureen Johnson
Putnam Juvenile
Young Adult/Fantasy/Paranormal/Mystery/Horror
372 Pages

Alright, let’s just have me start off by saying that this book was a mission. My friend and I were at the bookstore and came upon what looked like a masterpiece. Here we had the inspired-story of JACK THE RIPPER now for those of you who aren’t familiar; this book gives enough background for you to get the gist of it. My friend got dibs first and a few weeks went by and I had learned that she couldn’t finish it…

That alone just set red lights. I was baffled because this book showed a ALOT of promise and my friend is just a book devourer, so much so that her list of books are endless. So, I being who I am with nothing better to read dove right in. I was looking for a ghost story so I took upon myself to get on with it.

Our story has an average start; MC has to move all the way with her parents to England because of her parent’s job and hello new lifestyle. Rory, our heroine made me laugh with her quirky, blabbering and southern-like ways. I honestly thought “okay this is going to be amazing!” actually I said this aloud.

…I had spoken too soon. Although she was likable it didn’t last long, especially when Boo (nickname) came in and outshined her. I completely forgot about Rory and I didn’t want to know anything else about her worries, fears, and oh-goodness-life is too hard-how can I go on? Boo was such a fighter with an awesome personality despite having gone through more to acquire an ability to see ghost than Rory, that I felt that to make myself be less of a basher I had to stop and say “okay everyone is not the same so deal with it your own way”, but when you meet Boo I hope she wins you over. You’ll enjoy her overall fight and perseverance to move on, while Rory was a wreck a lot of the time.

Now romance wise…it was less than average. Of course typical new girl attracts one the cutest guy’s in school who is also a prefect (hahaha think HP that’s what he is) and legit cannot say I was fond of him and their chemistry was lacking in my opinion so that was a no no. He just seemed sooooo boring and we-can’t-be-seen-together-because-I am a-prefect-and-you’re-the-new-girl. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! OUTRAGEOUS he certainly didn’t have a problem sticking his tongue down her throat when they were alone. Honestly, if I could meet Jerome (yes this is his name) I wouldn’t bother.

I am even admitting that the villain was just greedy and was pulling the Nobody-appreciates-me-enough-so-I-should-punish-you-all. GET OVER IT PSYCHO

Looking back at this review I am just going to say that this book was a fail for me and the author brought in some characters I don’t think were entirely necessary. It made it seem like there was more behind the present story at hand, yes I am thinking secret agendas and I wasn’t impressed. Oh finally the ending is.

That’s what you feel like, no words because I am not even sure to this day what it means. Doing more research I have found out that there’ll be more (god save us). To whoever wants to maybe tackle this and reach the finish line, I implore you to do that…buest best of luck.

Grading : 2/5

Meli’s Tangy Marvels: Wither by Lauren DeStefano Review

Wither (The Chemical Garden #1)
Lauren DeStefano
Simon & Shuster Books For Young Readers – March 2011
Young Adult/Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Dystopian/Romance
358 Pages

Okay so where do I start? Kudos for cover-intrigue qualities are a given so that would be one of the reasons I went for it. Our main character Rhine (whose name took some getting used to) is living in a crumpling world where girls don’t live pass 20 and men 25. Unfortunately for her she gets taken away to start this new life in keeping the human race alive. Throughout the story we come to know her beloved sister-wives who were as good as they were questionable, they weren’t the wicked step-sister in Cinderella, but they lacked the same fight Rhine did despite having been placed in the same predicament, as we dig more into their own personal lives you come to understand why they are how they are and irritation fades into pity and perhaps mutual understanding. Also we mustn’t forget the lucky groom to these ladies (god knows I tried), whom I constantly had to remind myself is at least 22 or so of age (I believe it’s mentioned but I’m blanking) and not some 50-something year old man. His character was oozy sweet, meaning that if he was this tyrant of a man doing what he wills I could deem him as the bad guy but once more learning about our dear Linden you see that he too is in a similar situation as Rhine (although his strings are being pulled by someone else and he is oblivious to that fact). And yes there is a bad guy, and he is this sickening-slimy beast of a being whom I would gladly end his life (but isn’t that how it always is with the bad guy?

I realize I haven’t said too much about our little heroine, except that never wanted to allow myself to get sucked into a book so badly only to shake and perhaps slap the MC. Its only because she starts off so strong, quick-on-her-feet and independent alongside her brother whom she would die for (and he likewise) that as soon as she gets kidnapped that she converts into this vulnerable and hopeless lamb whose way or thinking is “well this isn’t so bad I should try and make the best of things”. Through her emotional roller-coaster of “should I leave or should I stay” I must say (to keep myself from going off in some flamboyant rage) I had to find some empathy. However, we learn that the house (pshh more like mansion) she lives in holds dark disturbing secrets and once she discovers them Rhine is quickly revived with a more determined and dare I say more cunning (snake image imprinted) girl. Also if you are a romance-dweller like me, this book dose provides that pinch of fluff for Rhine and her loyal servant Gabriel. (Insert Rhianna’s song “We Found Love”).

Next since this is a trilogy the adventure is far from over. Naturally our paring do plot to escape but as to what awaits them beyond the ‘safe’ confinements of the mansion’s wall is not going to be daisies and waterfalls. It is slow pace at the beginning but only because there are crucial information and shouldn’t be tossed aside to only be introduced in the final book (yes I have seen that happened and it leaves me with a huge WTF) but once Rhine realizes that she is better off in the real world rather than a fake one…the suspense of how she gets out keeps the page turning. At times it can get depressive but what do you expect from a world with a virus killing everyone and with no cure being found? Now with the second released my hands are already itching to get on it.


Grading: 3.5/5